Breaking Curses Through Purpose

Meet Founder of Earthly Woven, Nautica Lowe

I decided to pursue a creative career because creating has always been the mode of expression that aligned with my purpose, although I didn’t always know what exactly that entailed. As a youth, I struggled with expressing myself verbally, so I found comfort in exuding self-expression through writing and art. However, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that my whole life I have been carrying a heavy burden of unhealed trauma, which was both personal and generational.

So, through writing and art, I learned to express myself in ways that highlighted the importance of faith, mental health, holistic health, herbalism and self-expression. This in turn became my way of aiding in the process meant to heal my bloodline from the curses that were bound to myself and my people. I believe that it is imperative to understand that we all have different ways of communicating and expressing ourselves.

I express myself through expressive arts, which for me includes poetry, videography, podcasting and creating herbal blends/remedies. As a result, I use these gifts that God has given me, to be a light (or an example) to others, while exalting the Most High for what he has done in my life.

My goal is to foster a community of black people whom prioritize the overall health of their being (physical, mental & spiritual), over the futile elements of this world that society holds great emphasis towards like fame, recognition, status & materialism. I’ve learned that nothing tangible matters if one isn’t properly aligned mentally, physically and spiritually. I believe that all three aspects work in unison, in allowing us to overall be healthy, in its truest/purest form.

In addition, I encourage everyone to speak up for themselves and prioritize their journey and healing process first. Everything we’ve experienced since birth plays a role in the way we are shaped today. Our behaviors are a reflection of what we’ve both held on to and let go of.

Therefore, I hope that my creative work and business reflects the calling that I know God created me for, which I mentioned earlier. That is why my motto is “breaking curses through purpose”, because I am a firm believer in aligning myself with God, because then I am able to further fulfill my purpose in the way that he intended, while also healing and learning more about myself each day.